Dear Self

Dear Self,

You are 28 years, 7 months, 10,430 days, and 250,320 hours old today. Some people don’t live to see half of this while others are lucky enough to far exceed it. Life is full of a mixture of beautiful moments, great disappointments, mistakes and hardships, but nothing can take away the fact that you were made to withstand all of it. You are no accident. You were created to live life, to be thankful for what you are given and what you work hard for. You were created for greatness! You were made STRONG so you can tackle problems as they come and learn the lessons they always leave behind. You were created to make a difference in the people around you. You were created to love and be love, just as your Creator was, is, and always will be.

You are NOT: the number on the scale. The failures of your past. Unmet deadlines. The anxiety that can cripple you some days. The opinions of others. A doctor’s diagnoses. The goal you didn’t meet. The weight you didn’t lose. The relationship(s) that didn’t work. Needy. Too much. Not enough.

You ARE: the love you hold in your heart. Helpful to others. Empathetic. Power. Greatness. Healthy. Hard working. Worthy. Enough. Beautifully made. Capable of anything. Strong willed.

I say all of this to say, time is running out. For all of us. When God created you, there was a plan and purpose that was sewn into your being. There are only a certain number of days, months, and years for you to seek out and fulfill this. One day, whether expected or not, your time is coming. What are you leaving behind? Do you want your life to be filled with anxiety, worry, stress, and things that do not actually matter? Or do you want people to look back at your life and say “I want to leave that behind”?

Starting today, put yourself first. The road you are headed down is a dead-end road. It has nothing to give you and you were not created to travel it. Most will settle for the dead-end but YOU will NOT. Give the anxiety, worry, stress, control, insecurities, failures and mistakes to GOD. They are not yours to carry. The enemy will not and cannot control you any longer.

Get healthy. Mind and body. Take care of your heart and soul. This will require time and motivation, but it is critical at this point in your life. Make better eating choices, and get active. Get in Gods word, pray, learn how to really trust him, have quiet time daily, and let His love and purpose fill your heart daily.

Stop taking things so seriously. Stop letting other’s opinions define who you are. Learn that rejection is a part of life and has nothing to do with you. Do not let others hold your self worth in their hands and stop trying to impress them. Remember that your worth can only come from God. Learn to spend more time with your true self. Set boundaries and say no. Stop people pleasing. Let go of toxic relationships. Let go of past hurts that are only hurting you and making your load heavy. Learn to forgive and give second chances but let no one take advantage of you.

You are beautiful. You are worthy. You are enough. Pray before reacting and remember: your body and mind haven’t failed you yet, stop failing them.

Beauty from Ashes,

Self (Sam)cropped-fre.jpg

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