The Waiting Room

When I think about a waiting room, I always think about hospitals. I think about the families that are waiting… on good or bad news. Their loved one is hurt or sick and only the doctor has the final answers. I have been that loved one, sitting frantically not knowing from one minute to the next what is going on and if the outcome will be crushing or inspirational for everyone involved. I have sat with my family and watched the seconds, minutes, and hours go by. I don’t know about you, but I demand answers pretty quickly. I despise sitting in the unknown. I don’t know if it is a patience issue but my mind tends to always go to worse case scenario and I am left fearful and afraid. I tend to want to control (shocker) the situation to always have the best possible outcome. It’s been a while since I was in a waiting room…

Until I started praying for patience.

Until I started praying for Him to take away my need for control.

Until I started praying for my insecurities to vanish.

Until I started praying for Him to teach me to fully rely on Him for every need.

I had always heard of people talking about being in a spiritual waiting room but I never knew what that fully meant until I began sitting in one last week. I have “waited” for certain people or certain things to happen but I have never been in a waiting room where I have no possible clue what the outcome is going to look like. Yet here I am and all I can think is “I asked for it”. My prayers were direct, and the only way for God to show me the answers is to be here, in this waiting room, alone with Him. If I am honest with you, this might be the hardest test of my life. But I have a feeling it will be the most rewarding. Because in ONE WEEK – let me say that again – ONE WEEK, God is showing me how to give up control of certain situations in my life. I prayed, and although my prayer is not being answered directly or the way I wanted it (which was BOOM, you asked, here it is), it is being answered nonetheless. My faith is being tested to the core every single day.  God is showing me how to truly lean into Him for answers and strength.

He has spoken to me so much but over and over and over I hear him whisper “WAIT and TRUST”.

It’s been a while since I was in a waiting room… But I find myself in one now. Just God and me.

And for once in my entire adult life, I don’t feel the need to control anything. ANYTHING.

Because He has told me to “WAIT and TRUST” and my obedience belongs to Him and nothing else.

“Wait on The Lord. Be of Good Courage and He Shall Strengthen Thy Heart.” Psalms 24:14




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